Artisanal Finishes
About Our Business

Twenty-five years ago, Shannon McGee walked
the streets of the medieval French town of Foix
where he was teaching English.  Though he
visited museums, castles and ancient villages
all over Europe, he never really thought of
becoming an artist.  Upon returning stateside,
he began working for a large corporation.  Ten
years later, he left the office and opened an
antiques store on Greenville's up and coming
Main Street.  Two years later, he left a thriving
Main Street for the West  End; however, 1998
turned out to be a few years too early.  The move
proved fruitful in a different way as McGee found
a demand for his artistic talent of transforming
drab concrete walls and floors into something

Shannon began by using artist pigments and
stains to decorate concrete floors and glazes
and earth pigments on walls.  Soon, customers
were asking him to create the same finishes in
their homes and businesses.
Not content with
the fake (faux) look of acrylic
glazes and paints, he began using real Italian
marble plasters to try to capture the true look
of the castles and villas he had experienced in
Europe.  Soon,  he developed  a process that
creates a finish that has layers of depth and
age like real stone that cannot be duplicated
by synthetic products.    At Artisanal Finishes,
the product offerings include real marble
plasters, dolomite-enhanced lime plasters
and polymer-modified cement floor coatings.
 Marble plasters date back to Roman times.  It is a
lime putty base to which finely ground limestone
and marble dust are added.  The material can be
troweled in thin layers, translucent enough to
show through.  Unlike acrylic paste "Venetian
plasters", real Italian marble plasters can be
colored with natural earth pigments and acid
stains for an aged fossil stone or Tuscan look.
They can also be integrally pigmented to match
any color palette and honed with a diamond
polisher or waxed for a modern look.  

The ancient Venetians adopted marble plaster as
an alternative to using heavy stone and marble.
Able to be applied over any stable, modern wall
materials,  real marble plaster is composed of, at
least, forty percent marble dust and, like real stone,
is cold to the touch.  Whether polished with a
diamond pad or honed with a stainless steel
trowel, the depth, strength and richness of real
marble plaster is unrivaled by acrylic pastes, paints
or wallcoverings.  
Artisanal Finishes can create travertine, marble,
fossil stone, granite and stone block finishes.
The artistic possibilities include relief stencils
(like glazed art pottery), arches, columns,
impressionist-style wall murals and frescoes,
framed artwork, embedded fossils, gemstones,
and geodes.  The processes are obviously more
costly than painted acrylic finishes and sponge
painting, but are gorgeously realistic at all
angles and distances.

The work of Artisanal Finishes is difficult to
capture on film,  print or the internet and is best
experienced in person.  Although our finishes
are  found in homes and businesses from
Mt. Mitchell  to Mt. Pleasant,  like :

The Cliffs at Glassy
The Reserve at  Keowee
Allegheny in Simpsonville, SC
The Chateau at Cool Place (near Mt Mitchell)
llyn strong and Brad Pine residence in
(Downtown Greenville)
Montebello in Greenville, SC
Jane Asher cottage (Hendersonville, NC)
Ric Standridge Loft at the West End Fieldhouse
in Greenville,

the following commercial
locations are accessible to the general
public :

Mia Dimora Interiors  on Coffee St in
 Greenville, SC

llyn strong fine jewelry on Main Street
in Greenville, SC

Lu Bagwell Interiors at Keowee Falls Village
on Hwy 11 in Salem, SC

The Brown Street Club in downtown Greenville

Dianne Riley Law Firm on Whitsett St
in Greenville

Sushi Koji  across from the Hyatt
in Greenville

Palmetto Home and Garden
at Laurens and Woodruff Rd  in Greenville